Hi! Welcome to The F Word Fest!

During the Fword festival we want to create an environment that encourages open-mindness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety.

Recently there have been a lot of discussions on what a safe space is, if something like that can even exist and if anyone can promise the existence of it. Our approach is that we must all try as hard as possible to make the spaces of the F word safe. For us this means that we will all strive to make each other feel comfortable and welcome. By facilitating each others needs and actively participating in an environment where one can critise and be criticised, we wish to find a way in which we can all relate to each other with respect and care. Of course we, as organisers, welcome practical feedback and tips concerning issues that we can improve upon.

Be perceptive of each other. It would be great if we could say: “I don’t want to hurt anyone”, and that’s how it goes. Unfortunately life, memories, emotions, personalities are much more complex and unpredictable than that. We must listen to how our words affect the other, how our body language makes the other feel.

Respect other peoples' boundaries. And if they are not set, ask what these boundaries are before risking to cross them. Good communication can prevent a lot of misunderstandings. There is no need to feel ashamed if it’s clumsy, we could all use the practice.

There should be space for mistakes and time to fix them. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, judged or unsafe, we encourage you to confront them directly and talk it over. However, if you don’t feel at ease taking this sort of action, of course we as the organising collective are there to help. You can reach us via the reception desk or the bar crew at any time.

In short, we know we are all works in progress, but we also know and see the incredible potential that we all have, especially when working together.

Enjoy and take care you feminist you!