Saturday and Sunday, one of the spaces will be designated as the film room. The following films will be shown:

  • Daughters of the Dust (1991, 112 min) - Screening: Saturday 12h - 14h

Julie Dash’s incredible film depicting three generations of Gullah women in Virginia. The Gullah were descendants of escaped enslaved Africans who created their own society. In a dreamy, impressively non-masculine, non-white style of cinema, Daughters of the Dust is about culture, motherhood, language, tradition and ultimately, life. Warnings: mentions of rape and suicide.

  • Women Without Men (2009, 95 min) - Screening: Saturday 14.30 - 16h & Sunday 12.30 - 14h

A powerful film by a female Iranian filmmaker, a poetic adaptation of an old novel depicting women’s struggles in Iran. While most Iranian cinema is rooted in realism, this movie takes the dreamy, symbolic route in communicating to the viewer a sense of women’s resilience to violence and oppression. Quite strange, yet incredibly memorable and notable. Warnings: contains a depiction of suicide, as well as strong suggestions of rape and sexual assault

  • The Love Witch (2016, 120 min) - Screening: Saturday 17h - 19h & Sunday 17h - 19h

In this surreal horror-comedy, a young witch embarks on a journey to find her dream man. By any means necessary - and she's very picky. This exquisitely filmed movie will thrill you with its strong mystical aesthetic and disturbing plot. Warnings: contains graphic depictions of death.

Unfortunately, the previously announced documentaries cannot be screened