GRRRL* Gangs against Streetharassment

We as a queerfeminist collective have to deal with the topic of street harassment because we are forced to do by this patriarchal society. We use Streetart as a tool to empower ourselves and to reclaim public space.

In this workshop we’ll take a look at these topics and we want to show you how you can build a GRRRL*-Gang as well! There will be also a practical part where we create Streetart together.

If its easy for you take an USB-Stick with you and stuff for making pictures – something to cover your face if u want and requisits (spray-cans, tools, etc…)

To get an impression how it will look like, check out our website:

The workshop will be hosted in two parts. The first/ theoretical part in the is open for all genders, the second/ practical part is a cis-male free space.

Please not that for the 2nd/ practical part there is a maximum of 20 participants. Before the weekend you can sign up by sending an email to During the festival, the sign up for the 2nd part will happen during the end of the 1st part.