In light of sheer absence, under-representation or a merely passive visibility of womxn in the music industry – as listeners, audience, fans, dancers, groupies, muses, vocal samples, and so forth – the DJ Workshops for Womxn want to encourage alternative ways for self-determined, thriving and joyful action of women, femme, feminizied and gender non-binary persons.

The DJ Workshops for Womxn offer alternatives to the music industry’s ancient darling, the self-centered and intentionally inaccessible figure of the patriarchal DJ-god. The workshops unapologetically centralize collectiveness over the hyper-individual: Last night we saved our lives ourselves and for each other.

The workshops aim to be a meeting space for womxn of all breeds, genders and ages, skilled beginners and bloody experts. To learn, experiment and exchange about technology, software and skills - which is a conversation we not very often have, not amongst ourselves and neither with our cis male colleagues.

The DJ workshop is hosted by Maria Guggenbichler, Amal Alhaag and our dear friend, Brussels’ finest DJ IllSyll: “Energy and eclecticism are the key words that defin IllSyll's sets. Constantly seeking for diverse musical combinations that are transmitted via her mixes. She uses sound as a language to communicate with you through speakers.”

There are limited spaces for this workshop so please sign up for it by email.

This workshop will take place on friday 29th september between 17.00 - 20.00 in Occii, Amstelveenseweg 134

The idea is that the participants (or at least partly) would DJ on the Friday Night Party.