As a feminist graphic designer, I am constantly grappling with the issue of
structural inequality, prejudice and lack of representation in the visual field. I am
currently developing a framework to encourage other designers to consider the
social impact of the images they produce, and to collectively identify alternative and
fairer practices of visual representation.
This workshop is especially for designers and people already working in (DIY)
visual communication, to reconsider our biases in addressing a public. How can we
avoid feeding into a global context of social inequality? How to take responsibility
for the impact of our practice on a social level? As professionals that contribute to
the production of images across a wide variety of media, we visual designers hold
a key position in negotiating who and how we represent people. Being part of the
decision-making process when it comes to how visual messages are created means
holding a certain position of power. And with this comes the opportunity to make a
positive impact on visual representation and social justice through the images we

Please note there’s a limited number of participants for this workshop. To sign-up before the weekend, please send an email to During the weekend, there will be a sign-up sheet available at the information desk