Day programme 2016

On friday 5-7 pm, we'll kick off the festival with a writing & performing workshop "Next generation speaks" presented by Warrior Poets. Limited space/sign up required. More info here.

This workshop is hosted in collaboration with Sorry We're Open, a neighborhood fest about migration, organized by the Side Room.

Saturday and Sunday
On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a day program full with workshops, lectures and discussions on a wide variety of topics. The time-schedule can be found here.

  • Do fictive images have tangible consequences? more info
  • My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit. limited space/ sign-up required. more info
  • Sexism in neuroscience and the need for (queer)feminist theory in natural science. more info
  • Is representation through gender quotas emancipatory? more info
  • I´d really LOVE to watch that! How to feminist/ queer up porn! more info
  • Heavy menstrual pain – part of the deal? more info
  • 'Not your room tonight' - Panel discussion on the importance of safer spaces and partial exclusion. more info
  • Trans health in the Netherlands: State of the art? more info
  • Decolonize Beauty and our Bodies - by University of Colour. more info
  • Make your own band! Limited space/ sign up required. more info
  • GRRRL* Gangs against Streetharassment. (partially) limited space/ sign up required more info
  • Mobiele smederij / Mobile Blacksmith Shop. more info
  • International pro choice activism. more info
  • “What the F…” – workshop working through radical feminist performance art and other artpractices you need to deal with society. more info
  • Gentle introduction to Linux - by Hacking Feminism. more info

We will also host a film program, with Q&A's with some of the producers. Click here for more info.

To check out what happened last year and in 2014, click the links.