Feminism is back! And we are celebrating it this September in Amsterdam with the Fantastic Feminist Festival: The F-WORD fest.

Our aim is to approach feminism from a broad, inclusive and intersectional perspective. The festival is packed with a variety of workshops and discussions on equality, feminism, anti-sexism, queer and gender politics. There will also be a movgie program and two nights of party with live bands and DJs. We want to create a welcoming atmosphere for all, regardless of gender, race, age, ability, sexuality or the amount of feminist scene points! We hope the festival will act as a catalyst for people to get more involved with feminist issues. It´s a great place to meet people, get involved, have fun and fill your brain with new ideas. The F-Word has something for everyone, so come join us!

All workshops are FREE

Safer Spaces
The F Word aims to be a safer space for everyone. This basically means we´re trying to create an environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety. Racist, ageist, sexist, heterosexist, transphobic, ablebodiest, classist, sizist, or any other oppressive behavior or language is not going to be tolerated.

Our full safe(r) space explanation can be read here.


If you're coming to the festival with kids and you'd like us to help out with baby-sitting, a sleeping place during the day etc., please contact us. In any case there will be a space open in the daytime where you can leave your stroller, eat, feed, change diapers etc.